Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fighting for Dairy Treats

Like most cats, I like my dairy products.

However when it comes to dairy treats, my servants seem to forget this on occasion.

Such as with this frozen yoghurt Popsicle stick, which dad seemed reluctant to share.

As you can see, I had to get a bit aggressive to make my feelings known!

Popsicle Toes

Everyone is familiar with (and loves) my toes, so today I thought I'd share a picture of someone else's!

These little ones are from cousin Tessa, in Vancouver.

Personally, I think she looks a little silly with her French manicure...but I will admit, they are cute. :-)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Abstract on Blanket

Just to remind you what I do most of the day.

In case you forgot.

Cat TV

When not sleeping, I spent a lot of time watching the telly.

Better than that silly PVR or Tivo downstairs.

I get lots of live action, and when not too hot (dad doesn't let me open the window when the aircon is on) the surround sound is great.

This is a good time of day, when there's lots of birds down on the lawn...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Steak Dinner

Wow, what a treat tonight.

After my vigorous Pilates stretch workout, a decent meal was in order.

While a serve of Grammy's Pot Pie was nice, the real treat tonight was this Angus marbled bifstec. Yummm.

As dad had marinated this overnight for me, and spent time carefully barbequeing in the heat (delaying his Wimbledon watching) to ensure it remained slightly bloody, I shared it with him. (Though I did think he was a tad greedy in selecting his portion.)

Because he's so nice, I let him have the wine, too. (Only one glass - he's having a bottle or two tomorrow night with Miss Mela, so I thought it best not to let him go overboard.)

It's Pilates Day!

Yes, and when dad came home I had to scurry and stretch around the floor to remind him -- he's missed a few weeks, so I thought he'd need reminding, you see.

It was also play day as well, as Barry came to visit. It's very nice of dad to leave money out for him to come play with me...but why, if he's being paid, does he spend so much time scrubbing the bathroom and things? That's not very fun for me. In fact it is quite boring.

He did locate two missing toys, though. He's a good boy, Barry is.

Hot and Toid

It's tough being a cat.

Especially when dad has the aircon programmed to turn off during the work-day when he's not here.

As if I would not want to be cooled when it's over 36C outside?!?

Here I am resting on the wardrobe, where the wood helps keep me cool. No sleeping on the bed tonight.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All Better

I'm a tad irked dad snuck this photo of me with the pills.

But seeing as my tummy was upset, I thought I should do something. After all, if mum were here she'd be cooing and fretting and making all sorts of sympathetic and, frankly, very silly noises. you can see, they worked.

(Ed. note: This picture was indeed "snuck", and not posed. Cleo found the pills all on her own, freshly delivered from GG.)

(Ed. note #2: In actuality, Cleo was more interested in playing than imbibing.)

Water, Water, Everywhere...

...but nary enough to drink.

Even though dad has remembered to fill my three - !!! - water bowls strategically located around the house, I must remind him that fresh cold water really is much more refreshing.

Especially after I've been sick earlier in the day.

Teeth-brushing had to wait a while.


I am officially SICK of this hot weather.

I also wish to protest the lack of time being spent to play with me and give me special attention.

Time to do washing, dad.

(Ed note: Yes, she managed to pick dad's side of the bed...)



After a hot day of lazing around, cats need a special dinner.

This is a new treat. While personally I think the name "Tom's" is dumb, the tuna is very tasty indeed.

I'm a bit concerned, though - even dad was sniffing and poking at it appreciatively when he opened the tin. And as he forgot the groceries were being delivered TOMORROW and not tonight...well let's just say I had to quickly go back and finish off the bowl.

I'll definitely need to send him out to buy more.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A pox on those squirrels!

Here I was, quietly resting in bed, and they rudely scamper across my porch roof.

Really it's too hot to chase them -- so I'm half-resting, half-guarding.

They know I'm here. I'm thinking scary thoughts.

Waiting for the Sun...

It's suddenly become VERY hot here for cats.

As the aircon is on this morn, I'm sitting here waiting for the sun to show up through the skylight onto my special carpet.

They tell me these are the longest days of the year - so why isn't the sun here at 7.10?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Friend or Foe?

This is Inky, my neighbour.

I'm still a bit suspicious of her, even though she's maybe half my size.

You see, she comes from the house of the random attack, circa Summer '06. I spent a long time tonight discussing the matter with her servants, and they promised to speak to her to ensure she's not so mean.

Of course, just to be sure, I'll be a bitch to start off when we first meet. It's important to let her know who's the dominatrix in the relationship, I think.

Looking at her, I'm not so sure about being named after one of the heroes from the Epic of Gilgamesh. What say you?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ice Cream & Gardening

Today turned out to be a busy day for me.

Since dad has been out so much since mum left, he decided to spend lots of time with me today. Once I saw the lead, I knew what was up!

One word: GARDENING.

Even though there really isn't much space out front until the city finished the new pipes, dad bought a new shrub and has planted it in a most annoying place, making it easier for me to tangle myself when wandering across the lawn. I will admit, though - it is very nice.

He also dug up more lawn and put pine chip borders around the shrubs, put in new topsoil, and cut back bits of dying shrubs. Personally, I'm thinking the fact he has to cut back dead bits from LAST year's planting is not such a good sign as to his abilities, but he seemed to be enjoying himself, humming and gulping XXXX.

He was also able to identify a French painting for a neighbour by description who needed to find an image, so all-in-all he was looking rather smug.

I protested LOUDLY when the ice cream truck came (it's very noisy!), but all was forgiven when dad let me share his ice cream.


It's been hot lately, and with mum away my water bowl is not being changed as regularly.

(I'm not that picky - I don't ask for bottled water. Yet.)

I like the fresh water from the tap, but am still having a hard time sussing out how to turn them on...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer 2007 Project?

Last summer, the most important home improvement project was of course the renovation and decoration of my new bathroom.

I know some think the shingling was a larger project, but really that was only something to keep dad busy.

Besides, after the unruly attack by Mischka, I chose to forget that project entirely.

Dad had some 60s-era trips doing all the coats of wood sealant in this room, then grandma helped choose the shiny bright paint. Maybe a bit too bright - but it did lighten the area up.

Here I am inspecting it. You'll note I'm suggesting another coat to improve the finish -- which of course was done.

I know dad does not have much to do the next month, so any suggestions re projects are welcome...

My Summer

So this is a little blog for me, Cleo Mimi Cat.
Yes, quite silly. And as I'm a cat the typing will be sporadic.
But for those who wish to follow my daily routines over the next six weeks...well here's your forum!