Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All Better

I'm a tad irked dad snuck this photo of me with the pills.

But seeing as my tummy was upset, I thought I should do something. After all, if mum were here she'd be cooing and fretting and making all sorts of sympathetic and, frankly, very silly noises. you can see, they worked.

(Ed. note: This picture was indeed "snuck", and not posed. Cleo found the pills all on her own, freshly delivered from GG.)

(Ed. note #2: In actuality, Cleo was more interested in playing than imbibing.)


Mardi said...

oi! That's MY spot on the table you're lolling about on....

Martha said...

I'm quite enjoying this glimpse into the life of a cat!

cathybest said...

Dear Cleo Mimi Cat,
I'm so happy that you are better.

CMC said...

Unfortunately, I'm not a quick typist -- paws are cumbersome. And I refuse to have a camera attached to my collar --- VERY very silly. (See Globe article this morning though: some cats are not so lucky.)