Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer 2007 Project?

Last summer, the most important home improvement project was of course the renovation and decoration of my new bathroom.

I know some think the shingling was a larger project, but really that was only something to keep dad busy.

Besides, after the unruly attack by Mischka, I chose to forget that project entirely.

Dad had some 60s-era trips doing all the coats of wood sealant in this room, then grandma helped choose the shiny bright paint. Maybe a bit too bright - but it did lighten the area up.

Here I am inspecting it. You'll note I'm suggesting another coat to improve the finish -- which of course was done.

I know dad does not have much to do the next month, so any suggestions re projects are welcome...


Mardi said...

Well Cleo,

Sounds like dad has a full time job on his hands taking care of you! And himself! Dad should take it easy and play tennis, go to PIlates and chill out!

Although there are those kitty window shelves that would be handy on every window....

Martha said...

Cleo, I think that's a lovely spot for a dreary day.

cathybest said...

I like that yellow color and I think it looks gorgeous. Love, Charlotte