Wednesday, June 27, 2007



After a hot day of lazing around, cats need a special dinner.

This is a new treat. While personally I think the name "Tom's" is dumb, the tuna is very tasty indeed.

I'm a bit concerned, though - even dad was sniffing and poking at it appreciatively when he opened the tin. And as he forgot the groceries were being delivered TOMORROW and not tonight...well let's just say I had to quickly go back and finish off the bowl.

I'll definitely need to send him out to buy more.


Mardi said...

But Cleo, there's a whole bowl of food NEXT to the Tom's that you could eat if you were hungry!!!

CMC said...

Yeah, but dad's a as long as I pretend to be wasting away, and complain loudly enough, I get the special tea. :-)

cathybest said...

I like tuna too, and our cat Viana loves it. We made up a story about her buying tons of cans of tuna.