Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I am officially SICK of this hot weather.

I also wish to protest the lack of time being spent to play with me and give me special attention.

Time to do washing, dad.

(Ed note: Yes, she managed to pick dad's side of the bed...)


Mardi said...

Well THAT'S charming Cleo...
Make sure Dad brushes you every couple of days at least in this weather.
Glad you remember who loves you the most!

cathybest said...

Viana threw up today too and Mommy stepped in it. It's very bad to throw up. Once I threw up.

Viana Best Cat said...

Dear Cleo,
Sadly, Charlotte was correct. I eat my food so fast so that the dog won't eat it that it sometimes makes me a bit ill.

I think some Pepto Bismol is in order - if only I had some! Maybe having mommy step in my pile will encourage her to get some pills for me (or return Bailey to grandma's, so that she can't eat my food).
Poor Daddy was called out to clean it up.

Hope you feel better!