Thursday, June 28, 2007

Steak Dinner

Wow, what a treat tonight.

After my vigorous Pilates stretch workout, a decent meal was in order.

While a serve of Grammy's Pot Pie was nice, the real treat tonight was this Angus marbled bifstec. Yummm.

As dad had marinated this overnight for me, and spent time carefully barbequeing in the heat (delaying his Wimbledon watching) to ensure it remained slightly bloody, I shared it with him. (Though I did think he was a tad greedy in selecting his portion.)

Because he's so nice, I let him have the wine, too. (Only one glass - he's having a bottle or two tomorrow night with Miss Mela, so I thought it best not to let him go overboard.)


Viana Best Cat said...

You get STEAK!!!
And WINE?!?

Oh, I SO need to get on my mommy and daddy's case about the dry food they give me day after day.

Thank you for enlightening me as to how a cat is supposed to be treated.

Mardi said...

Poor Viana.....
I have to protest at Neil's portion too - oink!

CMC said...

Well Viana I don't actualy have the wine - that I find yucky. BUt yes, steak is very nice. I sit next to dad when he eats watching Wimbledon...just so he doesn't forget me when he gets enthralled with the tennis.

CMC said...

Mum...cows say "moo", not "oink". ;-)

cathybest said...

That is hilarious, Cleo Mimi Cat. I can't believe that a cat can eat steak.