Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ice Cream & Gardening

Today turned out to be a busy day for me.

Since dad has been out so much since mum left, he decided to spend lots of time with me today. Once I saw the lead, I knew what was up!

One word: GARDENING.

Even though there really isn't much space out front until the city finished the new pipes, dad bought a new shrub and has planted it in a most annoying place, making it easier for me to tangle myself when wandering across the lawn. I will admit, though - it is very nice.

He also dug up more lawn and put pine chip borders around the shrubs, put in new topsoil, and cut back bits of dying shrubs. Personally, I'm thinking the fact he has to cut back dead bits from LAST year's planting is not such a good sign as to his abilities, but he seemed to be enjoying himself, humming and gulping XXXX.

He was also able to identify a French painting for a neighbour by description who needed to find an image, so all-in-all he was looking rather smug.

I protested LOUDLY when the ice cream truck came (it's very noisy!), but all was forgiven when dad let me share his ice cream.


Mardi said...

watch yourself on those shrubs Cleo! You would be far better off surveying the lay of the land on the porch railing. Glad dad has found something to keep him occupied - you need to make sure he doesn't forget to eat, and most importantly, that he does not forget to feed YOU!!!!!

cathybest said...

A kitty cat eating ice cream is really, really funny, and it's fun gardening but it's also really hard work. When the ice cream truck comes by, cats can't order ice cream -- that's so silly!