Sunday, July 22, 2007

The CMC Skylight

Last summer, as some of you may know, dad was feeling particularly masochistic, and coordinated five major house projects to be completed by 24 different workmen within three days.

(This year, he's been somewhat lazy.)

Most of the projects were for my benefit: eg. aircon for those horrifically humid summer nights.

But I think my favourite is definitely the skylight. On bright days like today, the sun shines down onto the Persian carpet placed especially for me.

I get VERY hot.


Mardi said...

You are very shiny and sleek Cleo!

CMC said...

Yes but I could use a brush: daddy's been negligent this weekend.

cathybest said...

Cleo Mimi Cat, your fur looks so, so shiny. I wish I had that kind of fur.