Sunday, July 1, 2007

Cooking Bonanza

So I must admit, at one point I was very, very worried that with mum away, my dietary needs might have been, well -- if not ignored outright, let's just say less than stellar.

I need not have worried!

Dad's spent time preparing many future meals. While I'm guessing he'll steal a bit, I was especially pleased to see all the fish he bought. (Mum is rather dire on the fish front.)

Some of his marinades are a bit suspect (Belizean jerk? --- Doesn't he know I'm not a fan of spicy foods?!?)....but I'm sure I can get some bits that still taste like, umm, fish.


Mardi said...

I am glad to see Dad has learned to take care of you both...

CMC said...

Mum, he won't admit it, but I think he actually is enjoying it. A beet.

(Though the fact he can play music while cooking helps.)