Monday, July 2, 2007

Sous Chef

Tonight dad put on a big barbecue and had friends of mum's over.

(Ed note: Friends of dad's, actually.)

Planning for six guests takes a lot of work, especially in the choosing of marinades, serving platters and all that.

So while the chair was pulled out to help reach dishes in the top cupboards, I supervised.

There was some very tasty looking chicken and pork on the go, which unfortunately I missed as I decided to come back inside. (Really, they should have told me they were going to stay outside all night.)


Mardi said...

You're so helpful Cleo - lucky Dad has you there!

(and actually, Dad would never have met those friends if he had not met mum...)

cathybest said...

Dear Cleo Mimi Cat,
I hope Mr. Neil gave you some barbeque.