Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fire Eyes

This post is just for Charlotte, who says I have "fire eyes".

Yes, I DO!

This is the look I was giving dad, as he wanted to move me - can you imagine - so he could watch Wimbledon.


Mardi said...

You can always tell him to go upstairs to the other TV...

CMC said...

He says that's not a big enough telly to watch tennis balls, AND it not a HDTV.

cathybest said...

That is so cool, Cleo Mimi Cat. I wish I had fire eyes like that too.

Ben and Charley said...

Watching Wimbledon eh ?

All we have manged to see so far are shots of the rain covers and begraggled patrons huddling under umbrellas.

I am sure Cleo would prefer watching the Under 22 soccer as we are doing --------

Ben and Charley