Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Filling Empty Bed Space

While I miss my mum terribly, there are some advantages.

Like the fact that there is so much more room on the bed.

I like to lay across part of the middle, taking up as much room as possible.

As you can see here, I've still left enough room for dad. Sort of.

(Sneaky of him to bring the camera to bed!)


Mardi said...

oi - watch yourself!!! I AM coming back, you know!!

cathybest said...

Cleo Mimi Cat, that's funny. I wish I could do that too, and you are the funniest cat ever.

CMC said...

Charlotte --- you mean you don't try and go in sometimes and hog mum & dad's bedspace? Oh really, you should try! But I guess Sofia does now...;-)