Sunday, July 1, 2007


Can you guess what this picture is of?

If you guessed a rather large clump of my very soft fur - you guessed correctly!

Wondering why is is sitting here, and not still attached to my slender body?

Well dad decided that he had to walk DOWN the stairs at the same moment I was running UP the stairs.

So of course, crazy man he is, he did not manage to step aside or jump over me...and stepped on me.

You can be sure I let out a loud yowl of protest, as this clump was pulled from me under his foot.

Treats and cuddling were in order to rectify the situation.


Mardi said...

I hope you give dad the silent treatment for the next few days to encourage more treats...

cathybest said...

Dear Cleo Mimi Cat,
I am so sorry you lost some fur. What a poor kitten you are.